Company Strategy

Committed to delivering growth through the acquisition of proven reserves & the enhancement of producing assets.

Company Strategy

LGO have brought together a strong management team, providing experience across evaluation, exploration, development and production of oil and gas assets. The Board has considerable experience in new business development and also in corporate management. The Directors broad collective credentials have enabled LGO to pursue its strategy of delivering growth through acquisition of proven reserves and enhancement of producing assets.

The Company seeks to:
  • Establish a portfolio of proven reserves and producing assets in low risk countries with significant development and
    enhancement potential.
  • Identify and acquire underexploited projects, and implement both proven and leading edge oilfield technologies to
    maximise exploitation.
  • Leverage the management’s extensive expertise in the oil and gas sector to convert acquisition opportunities to profitability across the entire portfolio.

The Company’s primary approach is to identify projects and businesses which contain a development premium which can be unlocked through a combination of financial, commercial and technical expertise. LGO intends to execute this strategy by investing in a relatively small number of assets where it can apply its resources most effectively.

During a prolonged period of low oil prices the Company is seeking additional ways to increase shareholder value.